After HangarBicocca Playing The Game returns to Milan with Outré Videogames

After the wonderful experience of Playing The Game 2014, event held in the prestigious Pirelli HangarBicocca on November 30th, we are back on the crime scene, the well-known Milanese venue Santeria, where we already hosted in the past.

Starting from 18.30 we presented Outré Videogames, a new event with an innovative format, focused on unusual and unconventional videogames, that the public was able to discover thanks to free-to-play stations.

The evening provided us the opportunity to present our work, made up of many research and initiatives; we have dedicated a large portion of the evening to Playing The Game 2014, the event held last October 23 in Pirelli HangarBicocca, presenting the main topic that united the games we presented and, above all, the main contents of the publication we’re working on since some weeks.

The catalog, on which we are working really hard, will be the tool to plunge into the many issues at the center of research (of which we have spoken several times) and will be divided into two main parts: one dedicated to the selection of games presented on the night of October 23, exclusive interviews with the independent developers involved [Alex Kriss, ceMelusine, Davey Wreden (Galactic Cafe), Ed Key, Richard E Flanagan (Phosfiend Systems), Sander van der Vegte, Tale of Tales]; the other will contain the texts we have selected among the many proposals you have sent us from all over the world, participating to the call for papers (here it’s the post where we talked about it).

To go back to the evening of Outré Videogames, we thank you for coming, despite the pouring rain. Thanks also for the many opportunities for exchange of views and reflections: our intent is to involve as many people as possible in the searches that we are doing, and on this path we are following, the evening of Sunday has been an important step in the definition of some aspects of our future activities.

We remind you that you can follow the processing stages of the publication via the newsletter (no spam, don’t worry, we’ll unlikely send more than one email per month) and continuing to read the blog, because this is the right place to find out what we are developing.

Last but not least, a praise to the hamburgers served by Santeria: the best burger we have ever tasted.