Game Conference Zurich Milan, our Game Jam at the Expo 2015

Game Conference Zurich Milan

Thanks to the Game Conference Zurich Milan, held in Expo Milano 2015 and hosted by the Padiglione Svizzero, we had the opportunity to present the result of the Game Jam Zurich Milan, organized by us, Playing The Game, together with the Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival, and present the games developed during this wonderful experience.

In the previous article we wrote about the context within the Game Jam Zurich Milan takes place, its theme and all the references to supporters and Jam participants.

Game Jam Zurich Milan

Game Jam Zurich Milan, visual by Paolo Branca

Game Jam Zurich Milan features mixed teams between Swiss and Italians. So, people from the two countries have worked together to create videogames.

What games have been made during the Game Jam?

Let’s start with Peer Pressure game, whose main characters are Lamp & Star.

The game is set in the deep sea, and therefore the team has called himself Under The Sea.
Under The Sea team is Alexandre ‘Ashtom’ Thomas (game designer/programmer), Lene ‘Strange’ (illustrator), Luca Morini (game designer), Mattia Righi (character designer/illustrator) and Salvo Liotta (programmer).

Alexandre ‘Ashtom’ Thomas and Lene ‘Strange’, presented Peer Pressure during the Expo’s conference.

Peer Pressure’s main characters by Mattia Righi

Peer Pressure’s main characters by Mattia Righi

Peer Pressure by Under The Sea team

Peer Pressure by Under The Sea

This is the Peer Pressure concept by Luca Morini:

«Lamp & Star are old friends, and together they explore the deep seas, always looking for adventures and always choosing together what to do. However, this time they are in deep trouble, as they ended up getting lost in the Bursting Caves!

Sharing controls with a friend, make our heroes swim safe and sound out of this pressure-heavy maze… Or at least swim as far as they can!

Will you choose the same direction together? Or will you succumb to Peer Pressure?»

The Bursting Caves, within the adventure takes place, were created by combining many small modular “tile” elements.
The positioning of these tiles is defined and procedurally generated by the software, therefore the game map and the level are different every match.

Procedurally generated map sketch

Procedurally generated map sketch

Interesting, isn’t it?
What do you waiting for, play Peer Pressure now! →

The second game is called I Fed Them With Alien and it features three characters: a Farmer, a Dog and a Cat.

I Fed Them With Alien is set in a strange alien potato field.
Its development team is called Alienlead. The team members are Dragica Kahlina (programmer/game designer), Flurin Jenal (3D artist), Yury Schicker (3D artist), Claudio Lira (programmer/game designer) and Fabio Ferrara (3D artist).

Paolo Branca (Playing The Game), presented I Fed Them With Alien during the Game Conference Zurich Milan at the Expo. Claudio Lira (Neotenia) and Fabio Ferrara (Chubby Pixel) from Alienlead team were there as well.

I Fed Them With Alien by Alienlead

I Fed Them With Alien by Alienlead

This is the I Fed Them With Alien concept by Claudio Lira:

«A lazy alien Farmer is planting a new line of fast-growing potatoes.

Since he has to feed a Dog and a Cat, his lovely alien pets, he decided to used them to pulling his tractor and ploughing his potato field.

The only way to drive the wagon is to put the food in the field of view of the pets, that will doing their best to reach it.»

What do you waiting for, play I Fed Them With Alien now! →

Both games made during the Jam have been enriched by music and sound effects created by Flavio ‘Starving GOGO’ Bissolati and Lorenzo Salvadori.
The music is made within the technical constraint of the Japanese 8-bit Nintendo console NES, Nintendo Entertainment System, from 1983.

Game Conference Zurich Milan

The conference began with foreword by Raphael Golta (@golta), Member of the City Council, City of Zurich.
Its talk has enabled us to find out how the city of Zurich and Milan are now getting closer and closer, thanks to the New Rail Link through the Alps (NRLA) and The new Gotthard route, which will be opened by December 2016.

This is the longest railway tunnel in the world (57 km, the Channel Tunnel is 53.9 km long). The tunnel will connect Milan and Zurich in less than three hours.

This great viability project, according to AlpTransit Gotthard AG, the company behind the railway, it will also contribute to environmental protection of the Alpine region.

During the conference Dominik Marosi (@flybyei) presented Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival, and Paolo Branca presented our Playing The Game platform (@PlayingFestival).
Also, some Swiss and Italian videogame developers, have spoken about their business, in order to compare the industry of the countries and outline a future of possible cooperation between the two.

After the lunch break we participated to a roundtable with Italian and Swiss personalities, including Michel Vust (Project Leader at Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council) and Benno Seiler (Deputy Director of Urban Development, City of Zurich). The roundtable was moderated by Anna Schindler, Director Office for Urban Development, City of Zurich.

These Swiss and Italian videogame developers spoke at conference: Philomena Schwab (Team Niche), David Javet (Tchagata Games), Bad Jokes Studio, and already mentioned Chubby Pixel and Neotenia.

In the Padiglione Svizzero, it was also possible to play cooperative local multiplayer game Rakete, by the talented Swiss game designer Mario von Rickenbach.

A Transalpine meeting at the Expo Milano 2015

This day spent in the Padiglione Svizzero was an important social meeting between people from both sides of the Alps, today closer and closer thanks to the New Rail Link and The new Gotthard route.

It was therefore an unforgettable day and we are grateful to all the people that made this precious event possible.
We strongly believe that networking opportunities, like this conference, are fundamental inside and outside our “tribe” of gamers and game developers.

These meeting give us the energy to keep going, following our human journey, and continue to offer moments of dialogue and insight around a good videogame.

So, see you at the next meeting, my friend! 😉