Game Jam Zurich Milan, a memorable experience

Game Jam Zurich Milan, this is the name of the event made by two of the most interesting contemporary videogames related initiatives: Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival and Playing The Game.

Game Jam Zurich Milan is a game-makers gathering for the purpose of creating games in 48 hours, by teams with members mixed between Swiss and Italian people.

The event was held in Italy, in the prestigious Istituto Svizzero di Milano. You can discover all the activities of the Istituto on its website:

The theme chosen for the creation of the games is Tandem, a noun and a concept that emphasize the cooperation between the cities of Zurich and Milan and, in a broader context, between Switzerland and Italy, with the goal of reaching common shared results.

Tandem is the Game Jam’s theme

Tandem is the Game Jam’s theme

As already noted, the initiative is in partnership with Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival (@LudiciousFest), whose next edition will take place on January 21–24, 2016.
The festival include an International Competition, Workshops and Conference. You can subscribe to the Ludicious’ newsletter on the website

Zurich is a beautiful city, so if you are into games, you can’t miss Ludicious – Zurich Game Festival. Mark your calendar!

These are all the lovely game-makers people of the Swiss delegation in Milan: Alexandre ‘Ashtom’ Thomas (@ashtom_gva), Lene “Strange” (@LeneStrange), Flurin Jenal (@FJenal) and Yury Schicker (@s3bekk).

The delegation was led by the talented Dragica Kahlina (@gluggergames), sound artist and coder, as well as event organizer and co-founder of, just to name a few, and

The Italian people bring together by Paolo Branca (Playing The Game’s founder, @PlayingFestival) involved well known members of the local independent game-scene: Claudio LiraFabio Ferrara (@MalboMX), Luca Morini, Mattia Righi and Salvo Liotta.

Games made during the Jam have been enriched by music and sound effects created respectively by Flavio ‘Starving GOGO’ Bissolati (@StarvingGOGO) and Lorenzo Salvadori (@zeroaleph).

The initiative was supported by Pro Helvetia [Pro Helvetia, Swiss Arts Council] and the City of Zurich [Zürich – World Class. Swiss Made].

In previous articles we have already stressed the importance of Game Jams and Hackathons, as opportunities for exchange of views and growth, as well as collaborative learning and networking.

We believe that these values, ​​embodied by the concept of Game Jam, are even more valid in this context of International Cooperation, which has enabled us to create bonds of true friendship between young Swiss and Italian.

This initiative following numerous activities we are producing since years, aimed at promoting the value of the videogame creative industry, emphasizing its impact and importance, as well as create transnational relationships and meetings.

Our aim is to reach new public with beautiful and meaningful videogames, encourage and support their creators and stimulate positive cooperation between people.

Stay tuned because we’ll introduce the games produced during this wonderful Zurich-Milan Game Jam soon!