How was Playing The Game 2014 at HangarBicocca?

How was Playing The Game 2014 at HangarBicocca?

Last Thursday, October 23, after months of preparation, hundreds of emails and dozens of phone calls, it has been finally held in HangarBicocca the 2014 edition of Playing The Game.

Inside the ex factory belonged to Ansaldo-Breda which in 2004 became one of the most important places for culture and dialogue between disciplines, we have presented an extensive selection of videogames developed since the early eighties, ranging from classicals to the exclusive previews never presented publicly before.

The central theme of the selection, as we said in the previous post, it was the attempt to undermine the more traditional videogame interaction elements: scores, levels, grinding and all that binds to quantify the ability of the player.

The event, held during the opening event of Milan Games Week, was nothing short of magical, with the invaluable assistance of and the many students of the School of Fine Arts “SantaGiulia”of Brescia, which presented the theme and the numerous games to the many visitors who literally besieged the game stations had set a few meters from The Seven Heavenly Palaces by Anselm Kiefer.

At this point it begins the second phase of this year’s Playing The Game, which is the publication of the catalog with the selection and many interventions by international personalities.
The book will be presented in November at a new free event where you’ll can try lots of new games.

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