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Playing The Game: Textural Videogames book

We presented the latest updates regarding the research linked to Textural Videogames at the prestigious Politecnico di Milano, some weeks ago, on occasion to the latest edition of Global Game Jam (January 23-24-25); now, it’s time to reveal some other details about it. As you know, this research started with the amazing event we held in the spaces of Pirelli HangarBicocca, on occasion of the Milan Games Week 2014’s opening.

In these weeks we’re reviewing the texts. The publication will be available both as as a paperbook and as an ebook, in English and Italian. This means that you (as well as us!) will can read it.

The book features interviews with some of the most interesting figures of the contemporary indiegame scene. Some of them are already well known, but we worked also with really promising emerging game designers and developers.

As you know, the book features our interviews with Alex Kriss (Progression), ceMelusine (ΘRΑΩLE), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Ed Key (Proteus), Richard E. Flanagan (Fract OSC), Sander van der Vegte (Autopret) and Tale of Tales (The Graveyard).

The publication (as well as the event we held at Pirelli HangarBicocca) is about the quantification of player’s skills and the fragmentation of gameplay in many different stages and levels.

All the games we selected and presented at HangarBicocca don’t push players to break records or reach scores, they are not structured in sequential stages or these videogames’ tòpoi are creatively manipulated (E.g. Fract OSC, L.S.D.: Dream Emulator, Progression, The Incredible Machine).

In addition to the interviews, the descriptions of the video games and the introductions by Paolo Branca (creative director of Playing The Game) and Filippo Lorenzin (curator of Playing The Game), the book features eleven other texts collected thanks to an international call: our aim is to offer many points of view on this topic.

Here are brief descriptions of the authors and their texts featured in Textural Videogames.

Adela Muntean is an artist whose works have been presented in many European countries. She reflected on The Graveyard by Tale of Tales.

Adela Muntean Textural Videogames book contributor

Adela Muntean

Claudio Musso, art critic and independent curator, wrote about the underlying themes of Textural Videogames, recalling the importance of the videogames in the contemporary scene.

Federica Fiumelli, collaborates with Vogue e WSI mag. She wrote about how game and artistic practices have some aspects in common, taking in account the research linked to Textural Videogames, as well as referring to The Stanley Parable by Davey Wreden.

Federica Fiumelli Textural Videogames book contributor

Federica Fiumelli

Francesco Tenaglia, curates many projects, such as the series of talks and screenings Lions After Slumber at CareOf (Milan, Italy), and collaborates with the magazines Kaleidoscope and Blow Up. He wrote a deeper analysis of the amazing and unforgettable ICO, developed by the game designer and director Fumito Ueda and his team.

Francesco Tenaglia Textural Videogames book contributor

Francesco Tenaglia

Giorgia Noto writes for Artribune and Living-Adamis and is an independent curator. Her text is a reflection on the connection between Textural Videogames research and the documentary‑video game Fort McMoney directed by David Dufresne (seen by the author at the latest edition of Milano Film Festival).

Giorgia Noto Textural Videogames book contributor

Giorgia Noto

Giulia Incani is a contemporary artist that involves the reader in a fascinating first-person narrative. Paul Booth used the same writing technique to share interesting reflections on The Stanley Parable; he’s an expert of game cultures and pop culture (Ed. of which we’ve talked about some days ago with Enrico Gandolfi), professor at DePaul University and also author of Game Play, Playing Fans, Time on TV and Digital Fandom.

Giulia Incani Textural Videogames book contributor

Giulia Incani

Paul Booth Textural Videogames book contributor

Paul Booth

Giuliano Tarlao, performing artist, talks about the sense of play and playing, in relation to the topic investigated by the publication.

Giuliano Tarlao Textural Videogames book contributor

Giuliano Tarlao

Michelle & Marc Ouellette, are two American educators that wrote the interesting essay Married, with children and an XBox: Compromise in Video Game Play. They sent us an illuminating reflection on The Incredible Machine video game (or “meta game”, as they say) series and its important pedagogical value.

Michelle & Marc Ouellette Textural Videogames book contributor

Michelle & Marc Ouellette

Paolo Mele is a visiting researcher at The New School in New York City and the president of the cultural association Ramdom. He expanded the Textural Videogames research, writing about software and applications such as Mountain developed by the famous artist and 3D animator David Oreilly, built together with the programmer and composer Damien Di Fede a.k.a. Future Boy; he wrote also about PolyFauna, a software commissioned by the British band Radiohead to the design and digital art studio Universal Everything, founded by Matt Pyke, former member of The Designers Republic.

Paolo Mele Textural Videogames book contributor

Paolo Mele

Stephanie Vie is Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida. She researches online social networking and computer games impacts on literate practices. Her work has appeared in First Monday, Computers and Composition, and e-Learning and Digital Media. She critically analyzes the Nintendo video game Animal Crossing, highlighting the hidden capitalist framework that underpins that multicoloured world. This is an opinion to which would agree even Paolo Pedercini, founder of the videogames factory Molleindustria.

Stephanie Vie Textural Videogames book contributor

Stephanie Vie

As we have pointed out many times before, Textural Videogames is structured as a mean able to record theoretical and critic suggestions about this videogames scene. A scene which is above all a cultural phenomenon that deserves to be known.

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