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Mantova Comics & Games 2015 poster

Mantova Comics & Games 2015 poster

Just a few days left to the tenth edition of an event that, year after year, is growing in numbers and offers for the public: we are talking about Mantova Comics & Games, which will be held at Palabam from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th March.

Our participation will be structured in a variety of events, presentations and, of course, gaming sessions!

In the Playing The Game area, you will find two line-ups of video games, thematically diverse and therefore able to better represent the diversity of the contemporary indie scene.

The renaissance of local multiplayer video games

Turnover local multiplayer Indiegame

The renaissance of local multiplayer video games (Turnover game)

With this title, we offer some of the funniest local multiplayer indie video games published in recent years, for an explosive mix of fun and competition, ie:

  • Assault Android Cactus (Australia, 2013), by Witch Beam;
  • Crawl (Australia, 2014), by Powerhoof;
  • ibb & obb (The Netherlands, 2013), by Sparpweed;
  • Laza Knitez!! (Denmark, 2014), by Glitchnap;
  • Octodad (US, 2011), by Young Horses;
  • Turnover (Australia, 2013), by… Turnover!

These frantic local multiplayer video games are designed to involve more players at the same time in the same physical environment.

Textural Videogames: universes for an emotional experience

This second line-up allows you to discover indie titles selected for Playing The Game 2014, the event of which everyone is talking about since months held in the spaces of Pirelli HangarBicocca at the opening of Milan Games Week.
These are the indie games that you can play in Mantua:

  • Autopret (The Netherlands, 2014 unpublished), by Sander van der Vegte & Rejected Games;
  • Fract OSC (Canada, 2014), by Phosfiend Systems;
  • ΘRΑΩLE (Canada, 2014), by ceMelusine;
  • Progression (US, 2014), by Alex Kriss;
  • Proteus (England/US, 2013), by Ed Key & David Kanaga;
  • The Graveyard (Belgium, 2008), by Tale of Tales;
  • The Stanley Parable (Stati Uniti, 2013), by Galactic Cafe.

Please note that the interviews with the developers of the seven featured games are part of the publication Textural Videogames, on which we have worked in recent months and that, finally, we will present at Mantova Comics & Games.
Find out more details on the publishing project Textural Videogames →

And now we announce the program with the unmissable conferences and presentations by Playing The Game:

Friday, March 6, 16:00

No Score, More Fun: a new trend in video games?

Filippo will talk about the topics at the center of our research and the book Textural Videogames, looking at the history of technological innovations and reflecting on the modalities thanks to which it has been developed a sort of desire to return to a world without rules, and how this phenomenon binds to a specific trend in the world of indie video games.

Saturday, March 7, 16:00

What I learned at the Global Game Jam 2015?

Global Game Jam logo

Official Global Game Jam logo

This speech is based on Paolo’s personal experience at the Global Game Jam 2015, at the Politecnico di Milano.
We published an article on this speech and the Global Game Jam in general:
What is the Global Game Jam and what it can teach me? →

Sunday, March 8, 16:00

Playing The Game presents: Textural Videogames, universes for an emotional experience

Textural Videogames Book

Playing The Game: Textural Videogames book

Paolo will introduce the issues covered in Textural Videogames, the new publication of Playing The Game, focusing in particular on the selected video games and their most innovative features.

The presentation will feature exclusive videos, specially made by some of the involved game designers and developers, whose interviews are also in the homonymous publication.

The presentation will focus on some of the key aspects of the independent gaming scene, which for years has increasingly interesting surprises.

In short, this is our schedule for the Mantova Comics & Games event. We hope to meet you there!

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