Massimiliano Zinnanti: videogames and transcendent visual art

Massimiliano ZinnantiWe are pleased to publish new Massimiliano Zinnanti’s visual art works, made specifically for Playing The Game.

The opus of Massimiliano is among the most complex and fascinating that we got to see recently.
To dig into the universe of Zinnanti, you can read a very personal autobiographical text, available here in PDF format, as conceived by the author (Italian only, sorry for that!):
90 Memory Cards e la teoria della ricapitolazione dei Final Boss →

The text started with childhood memories, describing the first meetings with videogames, during magical 90s.
Everything started with the unforgettable Pokémon Red game, on the popular Nintendo handheld console:

«My microscopic view to the videogame was framed (…) by that GameBoy’s small window»

Until the discovery of the seductive heroine Lara Croft and her polygonal backside (Tomb Raider, 1996). A memory also presents in the Francesco Alinovi’s contribution to the upcoming book Native Gamers. There are even references to the initiation rite to video-gaming, embodied in a too difficult Crash Bandicoot (another tribute to Crash Bandicoot is made by Mario Petillo in Native Gamers).
Other games and topics included in the Zinnanti’s text are: Castlevania – Aria of Sorrow, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy X, Tekken 2, Zelda – A Link to the Past, the theories of the German philosopher and biologist Ernst Heinrich Haeckel (1834-1919), Womb Level(s) and the unpleasant Uncanny Valley phenomenon.

Massimiliano is also the winner of a recent edition of the Premio Archivio Videoludico, for the best Italian doctoral thesis dedicated to the videogames. His dissertation is titled “Incarnation. La conversione del sacro e il Pantheon digitale nel medium videoludico”.

After the art of Massimiliano Zinnanti, Playing The Game’s journey continues into the most Outré side of videogame, a self-quotation from our event Outré Videogames, who shared some of the topics shown in Massimiliano’s work.
Who participated in Outré Videogames, remember the odd collection of Japanese weirdness we proposed, like the obscure Paranoia Scape (1998), a mixture of anthropogenic and biological elements, made by award-winning VFX artist Joji Tani (who worked in movie blockbusters like Predator, Society and the horror franchise with Freddy Krueger: A Nightmare on Elm Street).

Well, our journey continues; in the next few months you will discover some of the most groundbreaking videogames ever made, thanks to Counterparts, our new monthly event. You just have to subscribe to our newsletter to find out what and when.

Massimiliano Zinnanti

Massimiliano Zinnanti, Stage Phaneron’s Pad The Primal Boss (2015)

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