No score, no enemies. Games selection at Playing The Game 2014

No score, no enemies. Games selection at Playing The Game 2014

There are now quite a few hours to Playing The Game 2014 (Thursday 23 at HangarBicocca, have you already forgot it?) and we are working hard to make sure that the third edition of our event runs smoothly.

It is now time to tell you more about the selection of videogames that you will find in the free-to-play area starting from 10 pm; we worked for a long time on it and we believe that this research will interest our audience.

As we wrote a few days ago, the central theme of the selection is the attempt to undermine the more traditional elements of videogames: scores, levels, grinding and all those things binding to quantification of the player’s skill.

We looked at this issue since the first edition of Playing The Game, looking for titles that could open our eyes to new perspectives and that are able to redefine the concept of videogames.
In this regard, we refer you to the interview appeared a year ago on Artribune [Italian text].

The topic of our selection has been enriched because of the observation of technologies and online services we use everyday.

We’re talking about social networks and their inclination toward the numerical analysis of our activities (how many times we went to a certain place, how many notifications we receive on Facebook, how many retweets etc.): in a cultural-technologic context in which we are increasingly inclined to compete in a more or less obvious with other people we find it curious that no one in the world had developed this theme from the point of view of videogames which on these concepts has made ​​his fortune from the very beginning of its history (in Pong there were already points, for instance).

Starting with the dawn of the history of videogames, assisted also by the experience of the staff of, we noticed that, as contrary to common belief, there is a real tradition of games that try to go against this logic, with unusual gameplay, no points, levels or enemies to defeat – bringing the common definition of “game” in areas that are not effectively recognised by a wide public.

The titles we have selected range from the classic to the exclusive preview never presented publicly before.

As the tradition of Playing The Game wants, a large part of the selection is restricted to newer indie games.

We are very proud of the selection and we are sure that it will keep your attention on how you relate yourselves with videogames and technology in general.

In short, it will be possible to discuss these issues thanks to the catalog of the exhibition. A publication enriched by the contributions of numerous prestigious international personalities and full details of all the games presented at Playing The Game 2014.

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See you at HangarBicocca!