Open Call presentation Playing The Game Call for proposals

Open Call presentation Playing The Game Call for proposals

Playing The Game – Call for proposals promotes ideas, games, workshops, multimedia events, self-production / DIY and modding projects, bringing together supply and demand.

Are you a passionate game designer, game developer, maker, educator, researcher in the Game Studies field, or maybe an expert in arcade cabinets building?
If the answer is yes, then Playing The Game is the initiative that suits your needs!

Playing The Game, the multidisciplinary platform developed around the dialogue between videogames, arts and culture, after organizing smart events, publishing projects and research, is now growing, evolving and renewing itself.

Playing The Game now offers its platform, expertise and network to promote yours innovative ideas and projects!

Playing The Game involves a large number of gamers, designer, developers, academics and artists. The platform brings together all the professionals working around the most challenging issues related to videogames, from software for consoles, computers, smartphones and tablets, to cross-media ideas.

Participation at the Playing The Game – Call for proposals, allow you to be part of a rich program of events and appointments distributed to different locations. Playing The Game ensure opportunities for visibility, networking and promotion for innovative projects and their creators.

This is a list of some of the projects that Playing The Game – Call for proposals promotes:

  • workshops, laboratories and seminars;
  • indiegames;
  • games featuring innovative languages ​​and models of interaction;
  • games that work on the edge between the physical and the simulated world (augmented reality, pervasive games);
  • roundtables and meetings.

Follows a list of some of the projects related to independent games scene that Playing The Game – Call for proposals encourages and promotes:

  • arcade cabinets, devices and self-built controller (joystick, gamepad, steering wheels);
  • DIY (Do It Yourself) projects, self-production examples, aimed to games creation;
  • examples of modding, modification of hardware and software to open them to new unexplored gaming possibilities, from ROM hacking to case modding;
  • homebrew and homemade games, games created as a hobby for consoles and computers;
  • hackathon and game jam, opportunities for the creation of themed games during a defined and limited period of time;
  • events related to gaming subcultures, from the creative coding expressed by the glorious demoscene, to micromusic / 8bit and chiptune music;
  • applications of digital fabrication (aka fabbing) techniques, e.g. 3D printing, to the world of games;
  • videogames projection mapping (videogames applied to a physical object such as a building, a painting or a sculpture, thanks to video mapping techniques);
  • local multiplayer videogames;
  • pervasive games and urban games;
  • interactive fictions and visual novels;
  • virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

Playing The Game – Call for proposals are looking for promote quality educational experiences.
Are you making significant training activities?
Participates to the call to promote your courses or workshops →

The call is also open to all of those who want to offer courses related to games creation techniques and technologies.
In particular, we are interested in promoting courses related to game engines, authoring tools and other specific technical tools, aimed to Game Designer, Game Developer and 2D/3D artists.
If you’re thinking about courses having a practical approach, where technical knowledge are constantly validated by in-class exercises and looking for a partner for their realization or promotion, Playing The Game – Call for proposals is the right initiative for you!

Because of continuous development and growth of the platform, the participation at the Playing The Game – Call for proposals is free and open to all.
Also, each candidate may participate with several projects.

Have some questions? Email us.

Playing The Game explores the boundaries of the medium, promotes events, new formats and languages. After creating the Textual Videogames multidisciplinary project (research, exhibition, digital and printed publication), developed from the Milan Games Week 2014 opening in Pirelli HangarBicocca, Playing The Game – Call for proposals, configured himself as a practical tool for the development, promotion and support of the most interesting creative scene related to videogames.

We look forward to meet you, promote your creations and share projects and ideas:
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We’re waiting for you!