Playing The Game 2014 Hangar Bicocca, Thursday, Oct. 23

Playing The Game 2014 Hangar Bicocca, Thursday, Oct. 23

A few days ago we left you with the promise to reveal the details of Playing The Game 2014, the new, sparkling edition of the event which this year will celebrate the third birthday. On 27 September we presented its main topic and today we can finally write something more.

Points to accumulate and levels to be overcome are the conventions that underlie most of the video games: in most cases, you have to reach certain goals to “win the game”.

In this edition of Playing The Game we focused on those games that, on the contrary, implement a different gameplay, not based on the score and on the division of the gaming experience in many separate rooms (levels) – titles that exemplify a feeling both interesting and little explored (we’ll be, in fact, among the first in the world to address this issue).

Thursday, October 23 we will be in Milan (mark your calendar!) at Hangar Bicocca in the opening event of Milan Games Week (24-26 October) with a selection of both contemporary and classic videogames titles.

In addition to the free-to-play aerea there will be a dj‑set by Paolo Branca, the founder of Playing The Game, with the selection of videogames soundtracks: we will give you more details in the coming days.

To participate it is possible to register yourself by filling out a registration form on the event website. Once you have entered all the data, it will generate a personal ticket to take with you that evening. The event is free and is open to everybody.

We are also working on a publication that will be presented on November 30, with texts written by journalists and experts in the field, along with exclusive interviews with the developers of the videogames you’ll play at Hangar Bicocca.

In the next few days we will give you many other information on what we are preparing – on this blog as well on our newsletter.

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