Playing The Game at Este in Gioco 2015: our report!

Este in Gioco 2015

Swords and shields welcome us to Este in Gioco

Saturday and Sunday, May 16–17, we participated to Este in Gioco, a well known event dedicated to games in the province of Padua.
As you know, we like to take down the Word in larger cities (like Milan, Mantua, Padua) as well as in smaller ones. Our aim is to broaden the discussion around the international independent game scene, reaching new communities of people and gamers.

Este in Gioco is an event organized by Il Sentiero dei Draghi, who has develop a lively dialogue between board games fans and people those may don’t know the culture and the passion behind those dice rolls and cards.
Essentially, they share with Playing The Game the same curiosity and the desire to expand scenes unfortunately not yet well known by the general public.

Therefore, during the event, we have presented one of the most popular and entertaining independent title in recent months. We are talking about CRAWL, a game developed by Powerhoof, an Australian team. It is a dungeon crawl old school game from 2 to 4 players (the more, the better!) with a intuitive and easy to learn gameplay, and 16bit graphics that works well with the theme of the game.

CRAWL game at Este in Gioco

Young CRAWL players at Este in Gioco

You could come and play during the whole two days event, and, of course, you have come: old and youth, families, groups of friends, everybody have literally taken over the position that we had prepared, not leaving it for one minute.

In the very few breaks, we talked about the independent scene, about what it means to develop a game in a two people team, instead of one thousand, about the return to local multiplayer games. It was a very nice weekend and we want to say thank you to every participant.

A special thanks to the Il Sentiero dei Draghi guys, for their cooperation and kindness, it was a real pleasure to be part of this event.

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