Playing The Game at HangarBicocca, music and videogames

Videogame Megamix in HangarBicocca

Paolo Branca presents Videogame Megamix in HangarBicocca

The other day we gave you some information about Playing The Game 2014, which will be held on the evening of Thursday, October 23 at the HangarBicocca during the opening event of Milan Games Week (24th-26th October).

Throughout the evening there will be available free-to-play stations to experience many videogames for free. We will talk about these games and the criteria which have guided our choice in the next updates.

Meanwhile, as promised, we’ll reveal something of the music selection curated by Paolo Branca, founder of Playing The Game, a 30 years long musical journey through sounds and genres drawn from many videogames music scores.

The selection will include both famous and recognisable melodies by gamers’ ears, and rare gems belonging to contemporary indie titles.
The common thread will be good music and good, ol’ memories of the past.

During the dj-set, called Videogame Megamix, there will be space for scores of triple-A games, rock music, unusual covers, 8bit chiptunes and much more.

A practical demonstration of how the music in videogames is not just a background for our virtual adventures, but a universe filled with creations to discover, listen and maybe even dance.

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