Playing The Game: Outré Videogames event, Sunday, November 30 in Milan

Sunday, November 30 – Playing The Game presents Outré Videogames

Sunday, November 30 – Playing The Game presents Outré Videogames

Following the success of the third edition of Playing The Game, held on the occasion of the opening event of Milan Games Week, during which we brought videogames in the prestigious Pirelli HangarBicocca, we are ready to present our new event, to which you can participate for free after register yourself on our website.

We will be in Santeria (8 Via Ettore Paladini, Milan) on November 30th to present a selection of the most eccentric, unusual and unconventional videogames ever made.

During the event, called Playing The Game presents: Outré Videogames, you will play singular titles never appeared in the West as, to name a few:

  • Paranoia Scape (1998) a bizarre variation on the theme of pinballs, characterized by a surreal and disturbing scenario, the result of an enigmatic mixture of anthropogenic and biological elements, polygons and scanned images. The concept of the game is by Joji Tani (a.k.a. Screaming Mad George), award-winning makeup and special effects artist, who has worked in blockbuster movies such as Predator, Society and A Nightmare on Elm Street supernatural horror franchise (Do you remember Freddy Krueger?);
  • Astro Robo SASA (1985), an adventure game ironically tied to the imaginary of the well known Japanese robots of the seventies and eighties;
  • Moon Crystal (1992), one of the last 8bit games developed for the Nintendo NES console, which features amazing animations in a Prince of Persia style;
  • Yakiniku Bogyou Bonfire! (2003), colourful and crazy grilling simulator that puts you in charge of cooking different types of dishes and serving them to customers;
  • Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban (1994), a videogame filled with Japanese humour, homoerotic elements and references to medieval Japan.

Next to the rich selection of exotic games, there will be indiegames so unusual as deserving to be discovered, as Windosill (USA, 2009) and Even The Stars (France, 2014).

During the evening we will present the catalog of Playing The Game 2014, an event which, as we said, was held in the spaces of Pirelli HangarBicocca. The catalog, as well as the event to which it refers, addressed that dynamic of game industry that has led some developers to defy the more typical conventions of videogames: the points to accumulate and the levels to overcome (as we have explained several times).

The publication contains, both in Italian and in English, information about the selected games along with exclusive interviews with their developers and a selection of the best critical texts collected with an international call.

The selected texts were written by personalities from the most diverse areas, such as Stephanie Vie, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Central Florida, Francesco Tenaglia, Italian journalist and editor who has written for magazines such as Kaleidoscope and Blow Up, Michelle E. Ouellette & Marc A. Ouellette, educators and authors of Married, with children and an XBox: Compromise in Video Game Play and Claudio Musso, professor, art critic and independent curator interested in the relationship between art and technology.

We remind you that, during the event, you can try all the games covered in the publication, namely:

  • Animal Crossing (2001), Nintendo EAD;
  • Autopret (2014 unpublished), Sander van der Vegte;
  • Creatures (1996), Millennium Interactive Ltd.;
  • Fract OSC (2014), Phosfiend Systems;
  • ICO (2001), Team Ico;
  • L.O.L.: Lack of Love (2000), Love-de-Lic, Inc.;
  • L.S.D.: Dream Emulator (1998), OutSide Directors Company;
  • Little Computer People (1985), Activision;
  • Myst (1993), Cyan, Inc.;
  • ΘRΑΩLE (2014), ceMelusine;
  • Progression (2014), Alex Kriss;
  • Proteus (2013), Ed Key & David Kanaga;
  • Spore Creature Creator (2008), Maxis Software;
  • The Graveyard (2008), Tale of Tales;
  • The Incredible Machine (1992), Dynamix, Inc.;
  • The Secret of Monkey Island (1990), LucasArts Entertainment Company;
  • The Stanley Parable (2013), Galactic Cafe.

We can only give you appointment to Sunday November 30th in Santeria and remind you to register on our site in order to participate.