What is the Global Game Jam and what it can teach me?

What is the Global Game Jam and what it can teach me?

Among the many activities that we are organizing for the Mantova Comics & Games 2015, we’ll present a speech dedicated to the Global Game Jam, the world’s largest game jam event.

Saturday, March 7, 16:00

What I learned at the Global Game Jam 2015?

Based on Paolo’s personal experience at the Global Game Jam 2015, at the Politecnico di Milano (Polimi), he will outline some considerations on the jam as a powerful tool for innovation, experimentation and collaborative learning.

Here is the text that we have prepared to introduce the speech:

What is the Global Game Jam?
Do you know what is a jam session in the music world? Every musician who participates brings his instruments, his skills and his enthusiasm. Someone set a theme, and all the musicians begin to play (jamming) together.

In the group you build something that nobody would be able to create alone.

At the same time, you generate ideas and experience something new. Perhaps you are laying the foundations for the next album or maybe the jammers will decide to found a band together…

The Global Game Jam works exactly the same way.
But it is not only the music that you’re jamming, but also with the code, graphics and ideas.

You work for 48 hours with people you have never met before, to develop a concrete project, a video game or a board game, which is distributed online for free at the end of the jam.

The Global Game Jam is held simultaneously in 78 countries and in 2015 involved 28800 jammers, stimulating collaboration between people and helping to foster new friendships and opportunities.

Furthermore, during the three days of Mantova Comics & Games, we will realize many other initiatives dedicated to video games.
We are particularly proud of them, so we invite you to discover all of them here →