Johann Sebastian Joust: CarneMvale 2014

Buka / Nuova CGD – Saturday, March 8th – 40 Via Quintiliano, Milan

Saturday, March 8, Playing The Game takes part at the CarneMvale 2014 with a retrogaming, vintage gaming room and the indiegame Johann Sebastian Joust.

Move the controller of your opponents and protect yours. The last remaining player wins.
In short, this is the mechanic of the renowned game by Douglas Wilson, game designer and partner of danish studio Die Gute Fabrik. An explosive mix between dance and fight to the sound of music, coming soon to PlayStation 3 & 4 and Home Computers.
During the CarneMvale 2014 (XVI ed.), you can play this game in preview while you are surrounded by the former Compagnia Generale del Disco, which will open at the public some of his rooms for the first time.
Johann Sebastian Joust is a music game based on the PlayStation Move controller. Players are required to holding the controller and move to the tunes of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. When the music slows down, the controllers get particularly sensitive to movement, and when the music speeds up, the sensitivity decreases. The aim of the game is to eliminate your opponents by moving their controllers over a certain threshold.

Playing is, first of all, a way to create rules and new dimensions that interlace themselves with reality, in a more or less refined way. So, the Playing The Game’s presence at the CarneMvale event is a step forward compared to the research that is being given since its inception – a pursuit that explores the way in which the ludic sphere (more precisely video games) relates to the cultural and social phenomenons of our days, becoming a mirror and also an element that creates new experiences, changing our perception of the world that surrounding us.
The project Johann Sebastian Joust is made by Douglas Wilson, an internationally renowned game designer, whose experimental research has aroused profound reflections on the concept of the video game and the danish team Die Gute Fabrik, that places itself in a interesting way regarding to our forewords: the gamer is invited to confront himself with a “stick-to-reality” interface, that eliminates screens and scores, interacting with a technological device that captures his movements, the music and the surrounding ambient. The rounds with this game are really similar to choreographies, a dance in which the gamers can explores themselves in relation with space and sound in a innovative way. — Filippo Lorenzin (Curator)

Playing The Game @CarneMvale 2014

Saturday, March 8th 2014 – from 14:00
Buka / Nuova CGD, 40 Via Quintiliano, Milan
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Creative Director
Paolo Branca

Filippo Lorenzin

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Playing The Game’s partner
Die Gute Fabrik

Playing The Game’s Technical partner
Sony Computer Entertainment Italia

CarneMvale 2014 is a project by
Buka & Opposticoncordi

In association with
Lekker Market, S/V/N/, Streeat – European Food Truck Festival, Womade Factory