Textural Videogames: Universes of Emotional Experience

A book about videogames exhibited at the Pirelli HangarBicocca

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The book Textural Videogames: Universes of Emotional Experience is out now!

Playing The Game is an interdisciplinary platform whose centre of activity is the investigation of videogames. Alongside its research and study activities, every year Playing The Game organizes several events aimed at involving both industry experts and the general public.
In October 2014, Playing The Game presented the third edition of its yearly event within Pirelli HangarBicocca’s prestigious area for the opening of the Milan Games Week; the core of the event was a selection of videogames belonging to a 30-year span of time that defied the most typical medium criteria: the accumulation of points and the passing of levels.
In recent years the number of videogames that seek to weaken the mechanical system of points and levels has increased exponentially and these games have achieved great success with audiences and critics. Playing The Game’s Textural Videogames is designed to be a precise and unprecedented attempt to highlight this interesting and unexplored situation.
Textural Videogames includes:

  1. forewords by Paolo Branca and Filippo Lorenzin (Playing The Game);
  2. exclusive interviews carried out with independent videogames developers whose works were showcased at the Pirelli HangarBicocca [Alex Kriss (Progression), ceMelusine (ΘRΑΩLE), Davey Wreden (The Stanley Parable), Ed Key (Proteus), Richard E. Flanagan (Fract OSC), Sander van der Vegte (Autopret), Tale of Tales (The Graveyard)];
  3. a section dedicated to critical essays written by a diverse range of personalities and are meant to investigate the topics from multiple points of view (Adela Muntean, Claudio Musso, Federica Fiumelli, Francesco Tenaglia, Giorgia Noto, Giulia Incani, Giuliano Tarlao, Michelle & Marc Ouellette, Paolo Mele, Paul Booth, Stephanie Vie);
  4. descriptions of all the exhibited games.

Complete list of the exhibited games:

  • Animal Crossing (2001), Nintendo EAD;
  • Autopret (2014 unpublished), Sander van der Vegte;
  • Creatures (1996), Millennium Interactive Ltd.;
  • Fract OSC (2014), Phosfiend Systems;
  • ICO (2001), Team Ico;
  • L.O.L.: Lack of Love (2000), Love-de-Lic, Inc.;
  • L.S.D.: Dream Emulator (1998), OutSide Directors Company;
  • Little Computer People (1985), Activision;
  • Myst (1993), Cyan, Inc.;
  • ΘRΑΩLE (2014), ceMelusine;
  • Progression (2014), Alex Kriss;
  • Proteus (2013), Ed Key & David Kanaga;
  • Spore Creature Creator (2008), Maxis Software;
  • The Graveyard (2008), Tale of Tales;
  • The Incredible Machine (1992), Dynamix, Inc.;
  • The Secret of Monkey Island (1990), LucasArts Entertainment Company;
  • The Stanley Parable (2013), Galactic Cafe.

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